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GRA’s team of former Special Operators created an unprecedented fire survival training program that now serves hundreds in elite military units and law enforcement in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.


Special Operations units represent the pinnacle of achievement and capability within most militaries and are therefore often the impetus for advancing the standards and tactics for training used by soldiers around the world. However, a gap in capability and knowledge existed that exposed these elite units to a simple, everyday threat: fire. No specific training existed to properly prepare service members for the potentially fatal hazards of fire and smoke-consumed structures.


GRA’s staff of former top tier Special Operators teamed up with the most experienced active duty search and rescue fire fighters in the world to design a unique course to close this training gap. The result was the Fire Operations and Fire Survival Course, a training program that has since become the gold standard for fire survival training among elite military units. Curricula include surviving live-fire scenarios, search and rescue techniques in smoke-filled areas, advanced rope extraction, and emergency bailout procedures.


Within one year of course creation, hundreds of Special Operators, law enforcement, SWAT team members, and government employees have enrolled and become equipped with the critical proficiencies necessary not only to survive a fire, but to also lead others through live-fire scenarios to safety. The growing successes of the Fire Operations and Fire Survival Course eventually spurred the launch of a subsidiary solely devoted to advanced training, GRA Maven.


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