We protected a major energy corporation from competitors who were out to steal proprietary information on a forthcoming bid. Our digital and physical security services kept the client’s assets safe and enabled them to successfully negotiate a multibillion-dollar contract.


A leading international energy corporation was embroiled in a very competitive bid process on a multiyear, multibillion-dollar oil pipeline contract. Foreign competitors were aggressively trying to steal proprietary information on our client’s bid. The client needed to protect its assets.


GRA was retained to provide a defensive posture and response to the threat. We enhanced our client’s data-protection protocols and IT architecture. We then deployed physical surveillance and counter-surveillance teams to travel discreetly with our clients as they met to negotiate aspects of the bid offer. During high-level strategic negotiations, we implemented technical surveillance countermeasures.


Sometimes the greatest victories lie in what didn’t happen. Our efforts successfully prevented technical compromise of our client’s proprietary information.

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