Populism & European Economic Stability

A populist wave is sweeping across Europe, bringing with it a wellspring of nationalism and nativism. As Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), Geert Wilders, and Marine Le Pen dominate headlines and sometimes polls, it’s critical to consider the implications…

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Innovation Vulnerability of the Third Strategic Offset

The United States faces a defense strategy conundrum that stems from intense near-peer competition and threatens to overturn American military primacy. From anti-area/access-denial to hybrid warfare, China and Russia have acquired formidable asymmetric capabilities and are rapidly eroding…

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The UK and Europe After Brexit

Much has changed five months after the Brexit Referendum. David Cameron resigned, and a new prime minister, Teresa May, has stated that she will start the Brexit process by March 2017. There is friction, however, between Parliament and…

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The Future of America's Trade

The United States is in the midst of negotiating two of the biggest trade deals in history, each potentially impacting tens of trillions of dollars in global trade and investment. The recently concluded negotiations for the Trans Pacific…

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The Delicate Dance of Cyber Diplomacy

The United States, China, and Russia have at best a precarious relationship in cyberspace. Will China pair up with Russia to put pressure on the United States? Will China continue to attack US enterprises while Russia attempts to…

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